Rhodes was a great way to spend my 18th birthday, relaxation, culture and sun! In the week we spent there we travelled into the old town to delve into the history of Rhodes and visited the water park in Falaraki. I loved travelling here so much and being free from travelling as a family, the independence has made me book to visit Turkey this year for a week. 5 star luxury and all inclusive meals and drinks is exactly what my overtime at work called for. shopping has been calling my name and now i have finally finished holiday shopping.


Today has been full of why’s, like why is my friend prettier than me, why are clothes so expensive, why haven’t I got a job, why can we all pick a place to go?  So today started off well I went to town to visit some friends then I checked my bank account:(  Being best friends with someone who has a job and gets paid too much every month is very envious. We went shopping which yeah sounds like the perfect way to spend a saturday but not when you have no money, and I swear shops put out their best range today because I was loving everything. Then to top off my day we have all decided that we would like to go abroad this summer sounds great but the arguments between where to go and what to do were awful. I guess we will have to wait and see and hope I can afford to go.

watch this space!

Hello world!

My name is Lauren I have set up a blog just to see what it’s like, I will be writing about my love for fashion and make up and about my favourite sport rugby and no doubt moaning about my dreaded A-levels.  Feel free to leave comments and stuff.

Watch this space!